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"Nothing can remove the pain of suffering from taking a hugely unnecessary risk, especially when you were among the very few who still took such risks."

We hope that you are searching for a solution to your security needs before paying the high price of being caught unprotected, but if not we can help you gain the personal satisfaction of doing the job right for the protection of your wealth/future.

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Don't go Unprotected!!

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Expandable & Retractable Security Gates & Window Bars

CCTV Security Cameras

The superior security solution to secure your perimeter is with a physical barrier. Smash and grab, window break and enter, and door breach has increased 100% over the past 10 years, so traditional first lines of defense are no longer sufficient. Security gates and bars are perimeter defence products that have endured in the marketplace due to their effectiveness. Used to cover doors, windows, loading doors, access doors, partition rooms, secure indoor and outdoor booths, protect strairwells and dangeruos machinery, secure garden centers and control access. Gates and Bars are manufactured in a variety of sizes and configurations. We can also customize gate and mounting structures to suit almost any application environment. To obtain a quote please call us with the height and width measurements (in inches) of all the areas you wish to cover, and email us some photos of the areas to be covered to help answer initial needs assessment questions. This application works well in tandem with CCTV Video Security Cameras.

Our years of experience has prepared us to manage installations in the toughest location conditions. Our crews arrive fully equipped and prepared to address the installation requirements the right way, from the start. This allows our crews to complete the work on schedule, to our set standards, without cutting corners.

Our technicians are highly trained professionals having obtained the appropriate safety and equipment certifications. This operational standard helps us to maintain our committment to quality while ensuring the safety of those nearby the installation zones. Although this safety and quality standard requires that our technicians take more time to complete their work, we know that the final result is worth the extra expense, and the safety of others cannot be sacrificed to cut labour costs.

We know that once you have the benefit of our products and services you will enjoy sound peace of mind knowing that your property and your future is better protected. Thank you in advance for giving us the chance to serve your needs!

Don't Place Your Trust in the Cheapest Solutions

Often times while shopping for products and services we hope to attain the best of; Quality, Service and Price. Too often we sacrifice the benefits of Quality and Service only to enjoy a discounted Price, without realizing that once lost we cannot regain the benefits of Quality and Service without paying the Price all over again. Cheap products and services perform poorly, show poorly, look cheap, are not taken seriously and require service and replacement more often, usually without the availability of replacement parts. The benefits of having decent products and services far outweighs the benefit of only a cheap price. The Security industry is like all other industries in that products and services are designed for all budgets. The task of sifting through the range of products to separate the garbage from the gems is daunting and is best left to the security professionals. Let us help you find the best products and services to suit your needs and budget while affording you quality and service you can depend upon. Let's do it Once ~ Let's do it Right ~ Then Let's do it again somewhere else!